Thursday, December 16, 2010

Magazine add

I desided to do an add for a Charity Poker tourney heres what i came up with

price quote

This is my price quote and its really hard to read but it's roughly 925 dollars for 250 units

final project roughs and printed designs that didn't make the cut

Desided i really didn't like the little emblems and crest that were with the header and knew they wernt gonna fly so I elected to use the crest as a watermark in the background of all none cover pages.

final project pictures

final project PSK workbook info

Overall Dimensions : Cover page and Topic info pages h: 8 ½ inch w: 7 3/8’s inches (to create a limp between work pages and info pages. Folded work book pages measure h: 8 ½ W 11 inches (PREFOLD) with a single fold at 7 ¼ inches in width the Booklet is wire comb bond along the left side of the each page, with the exception of the back cover with is bond on the right side of the printed page.
Purpose: The purpose of this piece is to give my fraternities associates an effective study guide and workbook so they can easily and effectively learn the material that is required for initiation.
Target Audience: My target audience is Phi Sigma Kappa associates. The best part about this target audience is they will be REQUIRED to have and use this material. Which for me makes this nice knowing they really don’t have a choice but to like it, but I digress.
Call to Action: Learn the material they are give and learn it in a effective and timely manner.
Images: Images include Phi Sigma Kappa official crest and Trip T’s along with Insignia.